About Expenseus

Expenseus was created by me (Jonathan Lipps), a freelance web developer, after taking part in many different "expense parties" in many different communities. I always got stuck doing complicated reimbursement math in Excel, trying to find the shortest number of transactions for a successful reimbursement. Eventually, I decided to write a simple application to do the job, and it became Expenseus.

I hope that it is a valuable, easy-to-use tool that helps groups to manage their money, and thereby reduce the awkward mix of friendship and finances, as well as tedious work. Please feel free to with any thoughts, suggestions, or questions. You can also visit jonathanlipps.com, my infrequently-updated personal site, and ReCreation, my weblog, to find out more about my various other projects!

Thanks for stopping by!


  • Thanks to my friends in Palo Alto who always left me with figuring out group finances. Without the pain of such a task, and the desire to make it less onerous, Expenseus would not exist!
  • Thanks to Justin Smith for thinking of the name (Expenseus) that finally stuck.
  • Thanks to Lara Vogel for editing some of the text on this site.
  • Thanks to the Ruby on Rails team for a smooth development experience. Expenseus is written in Ruby on Rails. It was one of my first Rails projects, and I have to say the framework lives up to at least some of its hype!
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