The Group Expense Problem

Managing group expenses can be a social and logistical nightmare! If you are consistently spending money with the same people, you'll inevitably owe someone back, or they'll owe you. It's a hassle to keep track of all these exchanges, and when the time comes for reckoning how you stand with each other, it’s impossible to remember who owes whom, and everyone wonders if they got paid back.

The Solution

Expenseus is a web application designed to ease the pain of managing and reimbursing expenses for groups. Using Expenseus, you can create any number of expense groups, and add your friends or colleagues as participants. It's easy to add participants using just a list of e-mails. Expenseus will send out invitations to anyone who isn't already a member, so they can sign up and begin managing expenses in your reimbursement list!

Such group expenses can continue on through numerous situations, so add information about different people or different payments as time goes on. Adding expenses is flexible, and takes into account unique situations where expenses are not divided equally among participants.

Expenseus also travels with you, helping you manage an unlimited number of currencies and exchange rates, and converting everything to one easy final count in the currency of your choice.

Expenseus provides a running current balance between everybody in the group, as well as your personal at-a-glance damage. With its expense compacting algorithm, you always see the minimum number of transactions required to balance out the group—allowing you to write the fewest checks, and keeping everything simple!

Best of all, Expenseus is free!

SIGN UP now, and never lose track of your group expenses again!

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